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Community events, conferences, company kick-offs and celebrations.  The bigger the event, the more fun creating it!  We love to plan, produce and promote large events.  Your happening will be exciting and memorable with a few special touches, not to mention the experience we bring to the table.  So, don't be afraid to make big plans and then give us a call to turn them into reality.

Planning - Your ideas or ours will be carefully laid out and all aspects gone over so all the goals and impact you are hoping for will be made into a stunning event.

Production - We work with vendors, design partners, caterers, suppliers and everyone that you need to produce a professional and organized experience.

Promotion - How will people hear about your event?  What will make them want to attend?  How will you get them to come back to other events?  We will work with you on your social media presence, press media releases, print and any other advertising outlet needed to spread the word about your occasion.

Follow Up - After the party it is important to evaluate the successes and start the plans for next time.  Also, thanking your guests for their attendance and help in making the event great is vital.  Making an event bigger and better is the fun part.  Aiming high, hoping and working will make the dream into pictures and posts!

Send Your Dreams

Contact us with your ideas and plans and we will get back to you with our vision for your successful event.  Let's work together for a fantastic, memorable occasion.

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